About Us

About Us: Lezgo.AI

Welcome to Lezgo.AI, the AI-centric division of Lezgo Limited!

Who We Are:
Lezgo.AI, a proud trading name of Lezgo Limited, is dedicated to revolutionizing the digital space with our bespoke AI plugins tailored for WordPress. Nestled in the dynamic tech hub of Israel, our headquarters brims with innovation and a relentless drive to push technological boundaries.

Our Journey:
Founded in 2020, Lezgo Limited has consistently been on the bleeding edge of web technology and content marketing. Our journey, although young, has been transformative, marking our presence as a dominant force in the technological realm. Registering under the number #516280674 in Israel, we’ve seamlessly blended the realms of technology and marketing, striving to offer the best solutions to a global audience.

Our Mission:
At Lezgo.AI, we believe in the potential of artificial intelligence to reshape the digital world. Our mission is to craft advanced AI solutions that not only embody our pioneering technology but also empower others to integrate AI seamlessly into their platforms.

Join Us:
As we continue our odyssey in the expansive world of AI, we invite you to be part of our story. Explore our range of products, share our vision, and together, let’s redefine the boundaries of what’s possible.

Thank you for choosing Lezgo.AI – where innovation meets application.

Lezgo Limited – Pioneering Tomorrow, Today.