Transforming Digital Experiences Through AI

WordPress AI Plugins

We craft advanced AI plugins specifically for WordPress. These plugins not only embody our cutting-edge technology but also empower others to seamlessly integrate AI capabilities into their WordPress platforms.

AI Generators

Our AI engines facilitate advanced user interactions by leveraging our search and artificial intelligence expertise. They promote efficiency, empowering users to attain swifter and superior outcomes with intelligent AI prompts incorporated into our forms.


Welcome to Lezgo.AI

At Lezgo.AI, a proud subsidiary of Lezgo Limited based in Israel, we’re not just about developing AI – we’re about embedding intelligence into the heart of daily digital interactions.

Our Vision

To empower digital landscapes with AI solutions, transforming the ordinary into extraordinary.

What We Do

Marketing-First Approach

Understanding consumer needs is at the core of what we do. We always ask: What are people searching for? What solutions are they in dire need of? Our AI development is driven by these crucial questions, ensuring we’re always a step ahead in providing groundbreaking solutions

AI Plugin

We craft custom AI plugins tailored to enhance website functionalities, ensuring a seamless and intelligent user experience.

In-House Implementation

We’re our own best customer. At Lezgo.AI, we integrate our own AI solutions within our proprietary platforms, showcasing the transformative potential of our creations.

Ride the AI Revolution with Us

The future is smart. The future is AI. We believe in the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize the digital world, making it smarter, more intuitive, and more efficient. With Lezgo.AI, you’re not just getting an AI service – you’re becoming a part of an intelligent revolution.

AI Integrations and Finetuning

Through our advanced integrations, we embed artificial intelligence into various platforms, revolutionizing how they operate.

Join us on our journey to reshape the online world, one smart solution at a time.

Our Works